Monday, August 30, 2010

4 am.

Watching LOTR all night. It seemed like a good idea.. only now it's 4 am and I'm kind of tired. Finished Return of the King though XD

Good times :D Go watch LOTR. All of them. Do it.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Has anyone tried extreme jello?

You make jello.. but instead of two cups water... you use one cup water and.. YOU USE ONE CUP SPRITE. That's right. MOTHERFUCKING SODA IN YOUR JELLO. It's fucking awesome.

No. I'm lying. It tastes almost exactly the same because it kind of goes flat. The back of the box directions lie. It tastes a little better though? Maybe. Iunno. Try it though. It's pretty rad.

I have to pee.

But I'm too lazy to walk ten feet to the bathroom. Anyone else suffer from extreme laziness? :/

....No I don't play WoW and I refuse to use a piss bottle. Piss bottles are icky.

At least I don't have to poop. :|

Some information.

Random Info. :D

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Okay. I realize Lost has some downfalls and kind of drags you along. It started out believable and then shit just got crazy. The end was like.. really? Just insane. Still awesome to watch though. You guys should look into it.

However.... even better than lost.. :D DEXTER!!!!! Here is a description of Dexter... since my brain right now simply can't do it justice XD

Orphaned at the age of three, Dexter Morgan is adopted by Miami police officer, Harry Morgan and his wife Doris. After discovering that young Dexter has been killing neighborhood pets, Harry believes that the boy is a psychopath and teaches him "The Code" as a way to channel his violent urges towards people who "deserve it". In this code, Dexter's victims must be killers themselves who have murdered the undeserving and will likely do so again. Dexter must also have proof that the criminals are guilty. Most importantly, Dexter must never get caught. Flashbacks throughout the series show Harry, who died several years before, instructing Dexter in how to appear normal and cover his tracks.
Dexter has followed The Code religiously. Like many serial killers, he keeps trophies; before dispatching a wrongdoer, Dexter makes a small incision on their right cheek with a scalpel and collects a blood sample which he preserves on a blood slide. He stores his collection in a box concealed inside his air conditioner. Dexter is (with varying success) able to fake 'normal' emotions and maintain his appearance as an unremarkable friend and neighbor. He does maintain a few personal relationships, however. He is "fond" of Harry’s biological daughter Debra. She is unaware of Harry's training or Dexter's secret life, but harbors lingering jealousy of the perceived preferential treatment Harry gave Dexter. As part of his "disguise", Dexter dates a woman named Rita who is too traumatized from years of abuse at the hands of her ex-husband, Paul Bennett, to be intimate with Dexter. This suits Dexter, who is asexual. He is fond of (and good with) children in general, particularly Rita’s two children, Astor and Cody.

I HIGHLY!!! recommend getting this, even if you have seen it. I watch it almost every night xd sooo good.

One Piece

So I have watched quite a few anime in my day... mostly through adult swim or adult swim sparked my interest. I saw One Piece through the 4kids version.. and I must say.. it sucked. It was not that great. It was pretty childish and lame. So that was years ago and I started watching real One Piece a couple months ago. When I say this, what I mean is that I watched the Japanese version with subtitles. IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING. The 4kids version was quite frankly, for kids (or at least what people consider appropriate for children. I watched Predator, Rambo, etc while growing up and I haven't slaughtered anyone yet). Japanese voice acting was about one hundred times better. Besides that, the gore and violence is awesome :D The storyline is well thought out and just generally amazing. It's an inspiring story, it's one of the funniest shows I have ever seen, and the character development is just awesome. I can't even describe how great this anime is. There are literally hundreds of characters and each have their own unique personality, and many have devil fruit powers which give them their own unique ability and fighting style. The many different personalities which clash as well as bring people together is superb. I would recommend this show to anyone. The manga series is just as good, although it's impossible to compare manga to the anime - which follows almost exactly. It's just more fun to watch it, but it's great to read the plot since it's just as interesting as the action. I started watching One Piece in June and I finished in a month. Literally. I watched 459 20 minutes episodes within 30 days. I just couldn't bring myself away from my computer screen to stop watching the epicness that was this anime.

For people who don't like anime, okay maybe this isn't for you.. but don't worry - you won't turn into some weeaboo tard after watching one show... spouting NANNII!??!1 and KAWAAIIIII~ every two seconds like that dumb bitch Hannah or w/e her name is on youtube.

JUST WATCH AND ENJOY!! Highly. HIGHLY recommended :]

Friday, August 27, 2010

(Being and Nothingness, 1943)

Consciousness is a being whose existence posits its essence, and inversely it is consciousness of a being, whose essence implies its existence; that is, in which appearance lays claim to being. Being is everywhere...We must understand that this being is no other than the transphenomenal being of phenomena and not a noumenal being which is hidden behind them...It requires simply that the being of that which appears does not exist only in so far as it appears. The transphenomenal being of what exists for consciousness is itself in itself.... Consciousness is the revealed-revelation of existents, and existents appear before consciousness on the foundation of their being...Consciousness can always pass beyond the existent, not toward its being, but toward the meaning of this being. A fundamental characteristic of its transcendence is to transcend the ontic toward the ontological. The meaning of the being of the existent in so far as it reveals itself to consciousness is the phenomenon of being...This elucidation of the meaning of being is valid only for the being of the phenomenon....For being is the being of becoming and due to this fact it is beyond becoming. It is what it is. This means that by itself it can not even be what it is not...It is full positivity. It knows no otherness; it never posits itself as other-than-another-being. It can support no connection with the other. It is itself indefinitely and it exhausts itself in being...Consciousness absolutely can not derive from anything, either from another being, or from a possibility, or from a necessary law. Uncreated, without reason for being, without any connection with another being, being-in-itself is de trop for eternity."

I like this picture.

New Blog!

Just Got a blogger account! Let's have some fun. Blogging. Yeah.