Saturday, August 28, 2010

One Piece

So I have watched quite a few anime in my day... mostly through adult swim or adult swim sparked my interest. I saw One Piece through the 4kids version.. and I must say.. it sucked. It was not that great. It was pretty childish and lame. So that was years ago and I started watching real One Piece a couple months ago. When I say this, what I mean is that I watched the Japanese version with subtitles. IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING. The 4kids version was quite frankly, for kids (or at least what people consider appropriate for children. I watched Predator, Rambo, etc while growing up and I haven't slaughtered anyone yet). Japanese voice acting was about one hundred times better. Besides that, the gore and violence is awesome :D The storyline is well thought out and just generally amazing. It's an inspiring story, it's one of the funniest shows I have ever seen, and the character development is just awesome. I can't even describe how great this anime is. There are literally hundreds of characters and each have their own unique personality, and many have devil fruit powers which give them their own unique ability and fighting style. The many different personalities which clash as well as bring people together is superb. I would recommend this show to anyone. The manga series is just as good, although it's impossible to compare manga to the anime - which follows almost exactly. It's just more fun to watch it, but it's great to read the plot since it's just as interesting as the action. I started watching One Piece in June and I finished in a month. Literally. I watched 459 20 minutes episodes within 30 days. I just couldn't bring myself away from my computer screen to stop watching the epicness that was this anime.

For people who don't like anime, okay maybe this isn't for you.. but don't worry - you won't turn into some weeaboo tard after watching one show... spouting NANNII!??!1 and KAWAAIIIII~ every two seconds like that dumb bitch Hannah or w/e her name is on youtube.

JUST WATCH AND ENJOY!! Highly. HIGHLY recommended :]

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